• “Rogers” (Commercial, Dir Mat Barkley, IQ)

  • “Casper” (Commercial, Dir Danny Sangra, Spy Films)

  • ”RBC- Apple” (Commercial. Dir Jesse Senko, Holiday Films)

  • “Crest” (Commercial. Dir Jesse Blight, Bogue Productions)

  • “Home Hardware” (Commercial, Dir Jesse Blight, HeydSaffer)

  • UBISOFT (Wardrobe Scanning for multiple Video Games. MoCap Studio)

  • “FORD” (Commercial, Dir Ian Robertson, Frank Content)

  • "Questrade” (Commercial, Dir. Ray Dillman, Frank Content)

  • “Galderma” (Commercial, Dir. Stewart Cohen, Clark Stanley)

  • “CAA-GOLF"(Commercial, Dir. Jesse Blight. Heyd and Seek)

  • "CAA" (Commercial, Dir. Jesse Blight. Heyd and Seek)

  • "Liam and May" (Independent Short, Dir. Keith Murphy. Backstraight Productions)

  • "Ice Cream Girl" (Sizzle Promo. Dir. Clive Smith. Mustacostafortune)

  • "HP Toner" (Commercial, Dir. Andrew Simon. Edelman)

  • "Welcome to Weeville" (Pilot, Dir Michael Kessler. Universal Kids)

  • ""Knorr" (Commercial, Dir. Scott Tavner & Matt Smith. Edelman.)

  • "Swiss Chalet" (Commercial, Dir. Paul Wales. Alter ego Films)

  • "Oxford Wild Blueberries"(Commercial, Dir. Paul Wales. Grateful Pictures)

  • "Ford" (Commercial, Dir. Ian Robertson. Sequoia Content)

  • "The Big Fun Crafty Show" (TV Series, Dir. Wayne Moss. Breakthrough Ent/NBC)

  • "The Case of the Massey Bodice Ripping" (Short Film, Dir. Karen Knox. Boss & Co.)

  • "Questrade" (Commercial, Dir. Ray Dillman. Frank Content)

  • "Maple Leaf-Shredded Meat" (Commercial, Dir. Nicole Dorsey. Someplace Nice.

  • "BMO" (Commercial, Dir. Jesse Blight. Circle)

  • "Dairy Farmers Of Canada-J.A. Happ" (Commercial, Dir. Finn O'Hara. Suneeva)

  • "RBC" (Commercial, Dir. Greg Popp, CornerStore Films)

  • "Only People" (Independent Feature, Dir. Mark Wheeden)

  • "Resolve Laundry Detergent" (Commercial. Producer Simon Dragland, ScepticTank)

  • "Break The Behaviour" (Commercial-PSA, Dir. Sean Frewer, Mass Minority)

  • "La Boda De Valentina" (Feature-Romantic Comedy, Toronto Crew. Dir. Marco Polo Constandse. Filmadora/HLP)

  • "Bell/Raptors" (Commercial, Dir. Finn O'Hara, Suneeva)

  • "TD Bank" (commercial, Dir. Mark Graham, Diamond)

  • "Gravol" (Commercial, Directing Team Dan Abdo & Jason Patterson, Ad Hoc Content)

  • "Nikon" (Print, Photographer Felix Odell, Suneeva)

  • "Samsonite" (commercial, Dir. Mitchell Gabourie, Forte Films)

  • "Spinmaster" (Commercial, Dir. Mitchell Gabourie, Code Films)

  • "Aspirin" (Commercial, Dir. Ian Robertson, Sequoia Productions)

  • "Man Seeking Woman" (Promo, Victor House Films)

  • "Amazing Spider-Man" (Family Channel/DHX Commercial, Dir. Sean O'Neill)

  • "Pixels-Doh-Vinci" (Commercial, Dir. Sean O'Neill, Family Channel, DHX)

  • "Canadian Athletes Fund" (Commercial, Dir. Chris Hutsul, Soft Citizen)

  • "Robot" (Commercial, Dir. Jeff Aron Lable, Suneeva)

  • "ACT/CAAS" (New York Interactive Training Video, Dir. Henry Less, HLP)

  • "Three Chords From The Truth" (Comedy Series, Dir. Henry Less, HLP)


Performing Arts Diploma, George Brown Theatre School

IATSE Permittee/NABET Permittee

WHMIS, Ontario Supervisor and Worker Health and Safety Certificates